Luke Allen and Robert E G Black discuss with guests the 2013 Richard Curtis film About Time, two minutes of the film per episode.

First Episodes

About Time Teaser

coming soon: a movies by minutes podcast about About Time.

About Time Minutes 1-2 - "we should tell them what we're actually gonna be doing"

It's mostly logos, voiceover, and family introductions as About Time gets started.

About Time Minutes 3-4 - "later continuity ruins earlier continuity"

The New Year's party comes and goes and we discuss Richard Curtis.

About Time Minute 5 - "hi-ee to the Nighy"

Kit Kat wakes Tim strangely and Tim is summoned to his dad's study for a conversation that will change his life.

About Time Minutes 6-7 - "the most realistic film about time travel"

With great father-son banter, Tim learns that he can travel in time. And we are joined by special guest Katie Proctor.

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