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About Time Teaser

coming soon: a movies by minutes podcast about About Time.

About Time Minutes 1-2 - "we should tell them what we're actually gonna be doing"

It's mostly logos, voiceover, and family introductions as About Time gets started.

About Time Minutes 3-4 - "later continuity ruins earlier continuity"

The New Year's party comes and goes and we discuss Richard Curtis.

About Time Minute 5 - "hi-ee to the Nighy"

Kit Kat wakes Tim strangely and Tim is summoned to his dad's study for a conversation that will change his life.

About Time Minutes 6-7 - "the most realistic film about time travel"

With great father-son banter, Tim learns that he can travel in time. And we are joined by special guest Katie Proctor.

About Time Minutes 8-9 - "good at being awkward and good at being horrible"

Guest Katie Proctor is back as we discuss Bill Nighy's acting and Tim tries time travel for the first time.

About Time Minute 10 - "Kit Kat bars don't jump on you in bed"

Guest Katie Proctor returns as we discuss commentary tracks, Roald Dahl, the dad's study, Desmond, Kit Kat, and The Vicar of Dibley.

About Time Minutes 11-12 - "Hello, I'm Tim in different outfits"

With guest Alice Lauren, we discuss some deleted scenes and Tim meeting Charlotte.

About Time Minutes 13-14 - "What is the point of you?"

Charlotte is the best at Tennis, and the best at casually flirting in a deleted scene, and Alice Lauren is the best guest we've got on the show this week.

About Time Minute 15 - "They're all Desmond's friends"

Alice Lauren is with us again to discuss Tim failing to hook up with Charlotte on the last night of summer.

About Time BONUS - Luke's radio interview

Luke is interviewed by Mark Elliott on BBC Shropshire to promote Two Minutes About Time and attempt to explain the movies by minutes format. From 'Evenings on BBC Shro...

About Time Minutes 16-17 - "You've taken physical appearance off the table"

Podcaster James Anderson joins Luke and Robert as Tim goes back in time one month to try to hook up with Charlotte again and learns that time travel can't make someone...

About Time Minutes 18-19 - "If your mother is Winston Churchill, please email in!"

James Anderson is with us again as Tim leaves home for London and meets Harry.

About Time Minute 20 - "Luke doesn't know what Britney Spears looks like"

James Anderson of Crossroads Minute is with us again as Tim learns about Harry's wife and daughter and Luke learns about Britney Spears.

About Time Minutes 21-22 - "I can erase you at any time, Child."

Niall McGowan joins us to talk about Rory and Harry, and Mary, dark restaurants, Doctor Who, Richard Curtis, and much, much, more.

About Time Minutes 23-24 - "Is that Hugh Bonningdale?"

Niall McGowan joins us to talk about dodgy Jay, sexiness, token Americans, and method acting for good, among other things.

About Time Minute 25 - "I can verify that I do not look like Kate Moss"

Niall McGowan joins us one more time to talk about meet cutes, outdated phones, vandalism, Star Wars, British accents, and much, much more.

About Time Minutes 26-27 - "We all know that the fringe is awful"

Director Piotr Szkopiak joins us to talk about Tim and Mary's first interactions in the light, and about filmmaking.

About Time Minutes 28-29 - "you're as good as your worst extra"

Director Piotr Szkopiak joins us again to discuss good movies, bad movies, Richard Griffiths, profanity, age ratings, visual filmmaking, and continuity.

About Time Minute 30 - "On any level, that's just wrong"

Director Piotr Szkopiak joins us one more time to discuss surprises, stage acting, premieres, directing, Shakespeare & Hathaway, The Last Witness, and being nominated ...

About Time Minutes 31-32 - "I didn't know at all that he time travelled"

Actor Joshua Griffiths joins us, without having seen the film, to talk about forgetting lines, losing phone contacts, and working with Richard Curtis on the set of Yes...

About Time Minutes 33-34 - "Every Year is 2013"

Joshua Griffiths joins us again to talk about clever reveals, Kate Moss, and the Kate Moss Exhibition montage.

About Time Minute 35 - "Maybe... ish... possibly"

Joshua Griffiths is with us again, still having not seen the film, to discuss Tim and Kit Kat waiting at the Kate Moss exhibit, Mary as a character, and first impressi...

About Time Minutes 36-37 - "15 Bonus Memories"

Actor Alexander Westwood joins us to talk about "Vincent and the Doctor", Tim meeting Mary for the second time, and Joanna as a foil for Tim. Also, Alex hasn't seen th...

About Time Minutes 38-39 - "Salted Pringles and Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons"

Alexander Westwood joins us again to talk about Joanna as trusting animal, Tim Phil Connoring Mary, the morality of time travel, the Doctor Who Experience, mixed popco...

About Time Minutes 40 - "I'm okay with Rupert until he enters"

Alexander Westwood joins us again to talk about Horrible Histories Rupert Bear, Paddington 2, The Simpsons, Spiegel Im Spiegel, and Movie 43. Also, Tim asking for far...

About Time Minutes 41-42 - "My complaint is with reality and not the movie"

Podcaster, photographer, reporter Curtis Bloes joins us to talk about Tim's karmic bet hedging, age ratings, Luke's secret marriage, American vs British sitcoms, probl...

About Time Minutes 43-44 ' No description for this episode - just titles"

“We’ll do it live” or “if Kate Moss is listening, I’m sorry” or “There’s no Kate Mossy things happening in her life” or “Instagram has rules” or “Okay, I got another t...

About Time Minute 45 - "What a hilarious and well-timed original joke!"

Luke and guest Curtis Bloes try their hand at acting, Robert (smartly) stays out if it, as Tim and Mary have some great banter over Greek food.

About Time Minutes 46-47 - "Okay"

Actor Simon Fisher-Becker joins us to talk about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and modern attention spans, as Tim and Mary go to Mary's flat.

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